A “different” holiday

Slow Tourism, a “different” way of living the holiday

If you belong to that category of tourists who see the holiday as total detachment from everyday stress and the tendency to do everything quickly and consequently very superficially, if you love living places immerse yourself in the landscape, history and local traditions where you can discover different ways of living and seeing things rediscovering the thrill of space, the intimate silence, the atmosphere warm …then the slow-tourism is just for you!

Slow tourism, means being able to discover and enjoy, with the refined slow walkers walk or go cycling, places normally not available to the traditional mass tourism also rediscovering a taste for adventure.

It’s a different way to “live” the green heart of Italy, to discover the true traditions and the authentic spirit of the place and taking all colors, smells and emotions that each place is able to offer you forgetting the clock.

The varied Umbrian territory, offers the possibility to cycle or walk along small roads that run along streams, forests, olive groves, vineyards and fields and often come to the gates of the beautiful art cities rich in charm and history.

For the discerning traveler who move in Umbria we can organizer your trip, give mountain bikes, bike paths of different difficulty levels, easy routes, flat and limited mileage for beginners (up to 25 Km) and for tourists not very “trained” are suggested itineraries media never difficulties with excesive slopes and with a mileage of between 30 up to a maximum of 60 km and for more experienced cyclists and daredevils are provided on longer routes (up to 65 Km) and challenging (max 7-8% slopes).

In our organic farmhouse you can park, repair, clean and wash bikes (it is at your disposal a-box tools for small repairs),  wash and dry your clothes (paid service). Brochures accompanied by appropriate road-book, floor plans, tour suggestions of all levels of difficulty are at your disposal.

Now that you know what we can offer …You have only to come on and visit us! 

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