We and the sustainable Farm

Sustainable farm

in Bevagna , in the heart of Umbria.

The restructuring was carried out according to the principles of green building and bioarchitecture combining eco maintenance with wellness. The house has a photovoltaic system that covers the consumption of electricity, solar thermal to produce hot water, biomass heating at low temperature, the system most suited to human physiological needs, a tecnical compartment for policombustion boiler (a boiler that burns wood, waste of pruning olive production scrops), the wastewater is purified through an effective system of constructed wetlands.

The tiled floors, wooden beams , old roofing tiles, and the old stone facades have all been maintained and restore with the ceiling fans and solid wooden doors. The old fishpond, which was once full of prawns, is today covered with water lilies lotus flowers and water hyacinths and full of frogs and gold fish.

The Way we were

Ca Ubaldi...

Ca Ubaldi: this is the original name of the ancient farm on which insisted the farmhouse now become the ‘Il Giardino degli Elfi’. The farmhouse is very old in fact was already registered in the Gregorian land book.

The farmhouse began as a wooden hut built with branches and leaves later transformed into a “nice house of the farmer” inspired by the architectural elements of the aristocratic houses towns.

In 1700 the farmers begin to clean swamps , tilling land , to plant the first fruit trees near the farmhouse… About twenty years ago this farmhouse was completely abandoned, brambles and weeds covered it completely and the roofs were all collapsed, there was no electricity nor drinking water, but it had an incredible panorama open to 360 over the valley.

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