Why choose a holiday in our Farm?

Why choose a holiday in our Farm?

Why choose a holiday in Farm?

The farm (but only  “the  real” and we can ensure they are very few) is not only host in a country-house, but rather a form of holiday that takes place exclusively in a farm, where the houses, once used by farmers and now are not necessary because the mechanization has greatly reduced the need  of labor on farms, are reserved to the hospitality. In order to be officially knows as farmhouse a farm must generate more money from farming than from tourism. 

Do you want  beauty farmspa?  TV in the room? animation? bar?  restaurant open to non-guests who organizes banquets and ceremonies? So the farmhouse  (the real one, not the one disguised) is not for you!!! These are “incidental comfort” that the true fans of the green holidays can do without, focusing on relaxation, tranquility, slow visit the many beautiful cities of this part of Italy ‘s, reading a good book … in short, a holiday on a farmhouse  is not just an alternative way to stay in the hotel, but it is a real way to enjoy your holiday, a holiday that means relaxing as much as possible and live in harmony and peace with nature and with theirselves, this will be miraculous for body but also for soul!

Why choose a holiday in our farmhouse?

Since we embarked on this exciting “adventure” we ideally wanted to believe that anyone who came to us he felt as at home, over the years we realized that there is a “part” of people who do not want to feel at home, but prefers to be welcome by “false and elaborate courtesy,” and that is not willing to give up the symbols of consumerism holiday.

Lest we misunderstandings about the kind of hospitality we offer and not to disappoint any legitimate expectation please answer these few simple questions:

  • Do you prefer to be greeted by Fabiola and Giancarlo (and if you’re lucky even by Lorenzo) hosts “improvised” or would you rather people specially “trained professional reception” so prodigal of smiles and availability, greeters kept in impeccable, unlike us maybe we just got off the tractor or we just ruled our animals or the garden?
  • Pretend obsequiousness or prefer spontaneous kindness and helpfulness?
  • Are you willing to do without the TV in the room?
  • Are you glad to be left alone and enjoy the sound of silence and not be disturbed by “animators”, group games?
  • Do you think interesting and stimulating dinner together with the hosts and other guests (always a few) all sat together at a single large table sharing conversation about  “travel adventures and life”?
  • Do you think to survive if the towels are not changed every day?
  • If you’re willing-smoker not to smoke in the rooms and in the common spaces closed?
  • Would you  prefer  eat  foods daily cooked  with  our or local things and for obvious reasons of organization (the cooker, kitchen maid, manager, secretary and gardener is only one: Fabiola), in a single menu, concordabile  in advance, or you can not give up a la carte menu where the choice is very wide?
  • Do you find normal and bearable than in the country feel the “sounds” emitted by frogs, roosters, chickens and goats or you can not do without the sound of cars, car horns, sirens, gate valves …?
  • Do you think come out unscathed by the sight of spiders, moths and lizards?
  • We love animals, but are you willing to do to enter  your 4-legged friend in the restaurant and in the pool?

 If you have answered YES to all the questions we’d love to meet you and open the doors of our farmhouse.

Why did we choose NOT to do outside catering, ceremonies and celebrations in our farmhouse?

Limiting only to farmhouse guests (among them only those who require it) that meals, allows us to offer a very personalized service ensuring an ample use of our products and a constant and direct participation of our “Giancarlo factor” during dinners always generous with information about our products, dishes we serve and about the attractions the area offers.

We like to define our restaurant “Convivium”, as the dinner and breakfast for us is a convivial moment, where we meet all sat together in one big table in our dining room in winter and in summer  under the large porch.

Every day we offer a different menu that we prepare with farm products and the territory ( farmhouses, that offer sit-down meals are required to supply 65% of those meals from their own farms and a further 20% from the immediate surrounding area), a limited menu is also a way for us to drive day after day our guests to discover the “flavors” even in a traditional organizational dimension compatible with the main task in ‘farming: we are not entrepreneurs in the food,  but agriculture entrepreneurs happy to do the honors and present the tradition and the specialties of our land.


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