Restaurant : open only for organic farm house guests

With us you can appreciate traditional dishes prepared with meat raised in the genuineness, patience and care with vegetables grown in our organic garden and exalted by our organic extra virgin olive oil of superior quality. Umbrian cooking is simple cooking flavors net, minimalism spontaneously due to centuries of isolation that has kept the habits of a rural past, when the use of the fruits of the land was the only means of survive.

The monasteries had an important role to conserve recipes that, in their Franciscan poverty, contain a great refinement of taste, from vegetables, meat, good wine, excellent oil: all speak of fine food but in appearance monastic!

Our dining room, where we normally live and which we gladly share with our guests, reflects the lifestyle of the last century, where the table was a fundamental moment of family communication and conviviality, where to discusse business, celebrate anniversaries, and where concluded the day…. … here our guests, all sitting together at the same large table, have the opportunity to create new friendships and exchange travel and life experiences.

The menu is fixed but can be agreed in advance. If you want you can book dinner in the morning but if you want try other flavors we can suggest you fine restaurants, trattorias and festivals nearby.


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