The harvest is starting!

The harvest is starting!

Umbria is also famous for extravirgin olive oil production. We have  600 olive trees  of 3 varieties Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino;   these different varieties can be mixed together to create a “blend” extra virgin oil or they can be pressed separately to produce a so colled “monocultivar”, each one with a different flavour and aroma.

The harvest is starting !! this is a very special period to visit our region and to taste the new oil just pressed!!!

Our olives are storage only few hours; after cleaning, defoliation and separation of branches, stones are wash only with water, they are pressed  in family’s mill with old method: cold extraction with controlled temperature an then natural settling. The oil is storage in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature. Our extra virgin olive oil is intense fresh olive taste, pungent aftertaste, slightly bitter, dull green. The oil may have natural sediments.

For us it is important that you know the product you wish to purchase so we submited our Extra virgin olive oil by analysis to know exactly features, so we found that its value of the acidity ( or the amount of free fatty acids derived from ‘ rancidity triglycerides ) is 0.24 ( law sets the maximum value 0.80) , which peroxides , which attest to the oxidation state of the oil and its tendency to age is 0.5 ( which the law sets the maximum value 20 ) and that the polyphenols , which determine the characteristic fruity – spicy – bitter, which play an important role antioxidant and anticancer.

 We are waiting in our farm house to taste the new extra virgin olive oil;  or call  0742.362014 or send us a email to  we will happy to satisfy all your wish !

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