Umbria …over earthquake

Umbria …over earthquake

On August 24, some areas of Umbria, Marche and Lazio have been hit by a strong earthquake felt in much of Italy; this first devastating shock ensued many other small, medium and large intensity.

We are sincerely close to the people so hardly  and directly affected by collapses, devastation and deaths ……

Mass media campaign has given the perception that the whole Umbria is affected materially by the earthquake discouraging tourists to come in Umbria.

Tourism is the main economic resource in those areas not directly affected by the earthquake. Now  the entire Regional economy is suffering !!!!

“The earthquake resulted in the absence of the tourists in Assisi, said the Mayor, but  95% Umbria is not damaged, come and visit it, visit our region; in this time is a gesture of real solidarity ……… “.

Come in  UMBRIA  you will visit places of excellence that have made quality in welcoming one of the strategic factors; enchanted landscapes and magic villages are waiting, you’ll enjoy food and wines uniques, you will meet people who have stories to tell, and you can  help the local economy!

UMBRIA IS A SMALL LAND BUT GREAT:  you can experience a unique and thrilling experience helping to restart the tourist microeconomics that always supports families and businesses. UMBRIA IS WAITING FOR YOU LOOKING TO THE FUTURE WITH  ‘SERENITY’ AND HOPE !!!! !!!

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